A Brief History

On May 7, 1843, a group of people led by the Rev. Stephen Peet met at a home near North Prairie to consider founding a community church.  The Charter members numbered 17.

Services were held in the school house in 1849, when a meeting was held to discuss building the present sanctuary at a final cost of $1,537.60.  The church was built on land donated by B.A. Jenkins.

In 1924 the building was raised and turned and moved unto a basement dug by members using horses and scoops.  It now faced Church Street, had a furnace, electric lights, ample Sunday School room and a kitchen.  The cornerstone was laid and a rededication was held.  At the church’s 95th Anniversary there were 116 members.  555 members had been affiliated with the church during those 95 years.

In 1962 the Education Building was built to accommodate the growing Sunday School and church activities.  We also joined with the United Church of Christ.Pulpit

In 1971 we became a member of the Kettle Moraine Parish with 6 local churches sharing the services of pastors and programs.

The Parish dissolved in 2006 and we were determined to again give the effort needed to find a new relationship with ourselves, our neighbors, and our community.  We invite you to visit us.  Join us in worship and see if this might be the right home for you in this area.